Alexander Ochirov


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课题组长 Group Leader









Alexander OchirovAssistant Professor、PI

Address:393 Middle Huaxia Road. School of Physical Science and Technology 


2004-2008: St Petersburg State University, B.Sc.

2008-2011: St Petersburg State University, M.Sc.

2011-2014: Ecole Polytechnique, Ph.D.

2011-2014: CEA Saclay, Doctorant

2014-2017: University of Edinburgh, Postdoc

2017-2020: ETH Zürich, Postdoc

2020-2022: University of Oxford, Postdoc

2022-2023: London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Fellow

2023-now: ShanghaiTech University, Assistant Professor




研究介绍 Research Interests





Scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory
Black holes and gravitational-wave physics
Quantum chromodynamics
Color-kinematics duality in gauge theories
Double copy construction for gravity theories





发表论文 Publications




(All authors are listed alphabetically, as per the custom in theoretical particle physics.)

Full list on INSPIRE-HEP:


1. Alexander Ochirov, Evgeny Skvortsov, Chiral approach to massive higher spins, Phys.Rev.Lett. 129 (2022) 24, 241601, arXiv:2207.14597 [hep-th]

2. Achilleas Lazopoulos, Alexander Ochirov, Canxin Shi, All-multiplicity amplitudes with four massive quarks and identical-helicity gluons, JHEP 03 (2022) 009, arXiv:2111.06847 [hep-th]

3. Rafael Aoude, Alexander Ochirov, Classical observables from coherent-spin amplitudes, JHEP 10 (2021) 008, arXiv:2108.01649 [hep-th]

4. Alfredo Guevara, Ben Maybee, Alexander Ochirov, Donal O'Connell, Justin Vines, A worldsheet for Kerr, JHEP 03 (2021) 201, arXiv:2012.11570 [hep-th]

5. Gregor Kaelin, Gustav Mogull, Alexander Ochirov, Bram Verbeek, Infrared and transcendental structure of two-loop supersymmetric QCD amplitudes, JHEP 01 (2020) 068, arXiv:1911.10218 [hep-th]

6. Alexander Ochirov, Ben Page, Multi-quark colour decompositions from unitarity, JHEP 10 (2019) 058, arXiv:1908.02695 [hep-ph]

7. Henrik Johansson, Alexander Ochirov, Double copy for massive quantum particles with spin, JHEP 09 (2019) 040, arXiv:1906.12292 [hep-th]

8. Alfredo Guevara, Alexander Ochirov, Justin Vines, Black-hole scattering with general spin directions from minimal-coupling amplitudes, Phys. Rev. D100 (2019) no.10, 104024, arXiv:1906.10071 [hep-th]

9. Alfredo Guevara, Alexander Ochirov, Justin Vines, Scattering of spinning black holes from exponentiated soft factors, JHEP 09 (2019) 056, arXiv:1812.06895 [hep-th]

10. Gregor Kaelin, Gustav Mogull, Alexander Ochirov, Two-loop N = 2 SQCD amplitudes with external matter from iterated cuts, JHEP 07 (2019) 120, arXiv:1811.09604 [hep-th]

11. Alexander Ochirov, Helicity amplitudes for QCD with massive quarks, JHEP 04 (2018) 089, arXiv:1802.06730 [hep-ph]

12. Alexander Ochirov, Piotr Tourkine, Pierre Vanhove, One-loop monodromy relations on single cuts, JHEP 10 (2017) 105, arXiv:1707.05775 [hep-th]

13. Alexander Ochirov, Ben Page, Full colour for loop amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory, JHEP 02 (2017) 100, arXiv:1612.04366 [hep-ph]

14. Andres Luna, Ricardo Monteiro, Isobel Nicholson, Alexander Ochirov, Donal O'Connell, Niclas Westerberg, Chris White, Perturbative spacetimes from Yang-Mills theory, JHEP 04 (2017) 069, arXiv:1611.07508 [hep-th]

15. Simon Badger, Gustav Mogull, Alexander Ochirov, Donal O’Connell, A complete two-loop, five-gluon helicity amplitude in Yang-Mills theory, JHEP 10 (2015) 064, arXiv:1507.08797 [hep-ph]

16. Henrik Johansson, Alexander Ochirov, Color-kinematics duality for QCD amplitudes, JHEP 01 (2016) 170, arXiv:1507.00332 [hep-ph]

17. Alexander Ochirov, Scattering amplitudes in gauge theories with and without supersymmetry, Ecole Polytechnique X, 2014, arXiv:1409.8087 [hep-th], pastel-01073983

18. Henrik Johansson, Alexander Ochirov, Pure gravities via color-kinematics duality for fundamental matter, JHEP 11 (2015) 046, arXiv:1407.4772 [hep-th]

19. Alexander Ochirov, Piotr Tourkine, BCJ duality and double copy in the closed string sector, JHEP 05 (2014) 136, arXiv:1312.1326 [hep-th]

20. Alexander Ochirov, All one-loop NMHV gluon amplitudes in N=1 SYM, JHEP 12 (2013) 080, arXiv:1311.1491 [hep-th]

21. Ruth Britto, Alexander Ochirov, On-shell recursion for massive fermion currents, JHEP 01 (2013) 002, arXiv:1210.1755 [hep-th]